Sunday, October 19, 2008


I have been sent this wonderful surprise today by a dear blogger Fairymadjo-over at I understand I am now to forward it to 6 people-although I don't think I know 6! So... I would like to send it to :okieladybug inspiring and knows everything about the cricut machine!
2-holly She has been so helpful and I love her out of the box thinking!
3-Jilly Always has wonderful cards on her blog, and she was my first follower!
4-tarag second follower and she has such talent!!
5-Pricilla love her cards, and I won her blog-this is my way of thanking her!!
6-robyn has some really great tutorials-thanks robyn
Well, there you have it-I guess I could find 6!! Thanks everyone


Holly said...

Thanks Rhonda for the award! I so appreciate it!

TaraG said...

Ahhhh! thanks for the Award Rhonda! That is so so sweet of you! If, you e-mail me(it's on my blog in my complete profile) we can swap addresses, smile! Hugs, Tara