Sunday, May 29, 2011

some news and a crafty project with THE CUTTING CAFE

Hi-sorry I haven't posted in several days--we have had quite the upset in our household this past few days!
Emily had a friend over on Friday night, and my husband took them to the local park for a few before it was time to come in for the night--when he got home, he rushed in saying we needed to leave right now to take Emily to the hospital as he was sure she broke her arm. I rushed out and when I saw her arm--it alarmed me!!! I have never before seen an arm in such a distorted way--and the darling wasn't even crying--she was worried more about her friend not being able to stay the night! Well, after seeing how it looked and how it flopped when my husband tried to get her out of the truck to get her to car--I called the ambulance! We got to hospital and they took xrays-it was broken at the wrist and at the elbow-and they then sent us back in the ambulance to a children's hospital about 3-31/2 hours away! She has had surgery and we had to stay again last night-getting home this afternoon. She is such a little trooper--it makes my heart ache and smile at the same time to know how tough she is--she is feeling much better today-but still can hardly feel you touching her fingers-(the only part of her arm that is not in the cast) they are so swollen! Please say a little prayer for her--that everything will be in working condition when this cast comes off-and so she can continue to be tough as she tries to keep them moving even though it hurts!
On a brighter happier note, I had started this plaque for my oldest daughter Brittany -for her new apartment before this all happened and was able to finish it up tonight, while Emily is laying down watching TV.
I have used the newly re-done: FLIP FLOP SHAPED CARD TEMPLATE available over at THE CUTTING CAFE- How fun are these??!!! (FUN!!) I cut the flip flops out with my MAKE THE CUT-and then traced them for my hubby to cut out of some thin board we had--I then attached the patterned paper on to the cut outs and applied to a board that was painted white and had stickers attached--the stickers were STICKEROO"S from PENNY BLACK that I have had for quite some time. (Paris je Taime #10-199) I also added the sentiment which I printed out on some tissue paper and put some Modge Podge on to keep it attached to the board-added some doodles and ribbon, and some fun embellishments  and there you go! There are endless possibilities to making cards or crafts with this pattern!! The little dangle on the first flip flop says HOPE-thus the reason that it is pink -for Breast Cancer Awareness. I received this dangle from Marlene--thanks again Marlene!! She has awesome cards and doodles on her blog--you will want to go check them out if you've never visited her before! Thanks for stopping by!


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

So scary!! I am sending my prayers and thoughts your way!

Georgiana said...

Wishing a quick recovery. My daughter broke both her arms last year at a track meet and thanks to her wonderful orthoped. doctor she recovered completely. Your daughter will too!

tt.scraps said...

Super cute!!! Sorry to hear about your daughter! :(. Praying for a speedy recovery!

nessy said...

love those flip flops ~gorgeous!!
oh gosh what a shock ~your poor daughter ...... hope she feels better very soon, sending many hugs, sure she can have a sleep over again very soon!!
vanessa xx

Rose Petal said...

Hello Rhonda. I do hope that Emily is feeling much better, children are very resilient, so I am sure she will bounce back soon.
I love your project, looks very nice. Happy crafting.
With love, Sandra xx

Regina Easter said...

Oh my Rhonda. She is a brave one. Bless her heart. I will keep her in my prayers. This project is to to to cute girl. I love it. Hugs

Heather said...

Oh my goodness!!! Poor Emily and poor mama!!! I know that you must have been all to pieces!!! I am so glad that she is doing better ... I did smile when I read she was more upset about her friend not being able to stay. What a brave little girl!!!

I know your daughter will LOVE that plaque. It is gorgeous!!

Sending prayers, smiles and hugs your way.

Love you


Besthobbyeva said...

Oh Rhonda, your poor daughter!! That is awful. She sounds like a strong little girl. I will keep her in my prayers for a quick and speedy recovery!!! Poor Mom too, it is so hard to see our little ones hurt!!! Please keep us posted!!

I have to say I love, love your project, so adorable, your daughter is sure to love it!


Marlene said...

I LOVE how you used that charm! Thanks for the shout out. Your project is adorable!

Marlene said...

P.S. Good thoughts going out to your daughter!