Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sending big thanks out for awards--Yeah..!!!!

A Big Thank You goes out to: for this award!! Thank you - I am so honored for you to have thought of me!

I have also received this award from a new blogger friend Thank you Linda!! So very kind of you! Hope you are feeling better hun!!

I have also received this award from the lovely tara at thank you also tara for thinking of me!!

and last but not least- I have another award from:
Thank you so very much angelwings!!!
I Love your blog too!!
I know these awards come with rules to follow to pass them on, but as I messed it all up last time, I think I will Just say thank You so kindly-as I think your are all so awesome and show such creativity on your blogs-so if you please-I pass these awards on to everyone!! I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend!
I've to go get something done now, before my hsuband bans me from this blogging!!!! : )

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