Friday, December 25, 2009


Hope each and everyone of you enjoy this special day with your families and loved ones!! My hubby is currently going to the next town over to get a 100 watt light bulb!! Who knew the EZ bake oven didn't have one included!!!? We have a very disappointed daughter at the moment! This is a horrible pic, but here are a couple cards I have made for the folks at work, and for my hubby to give as Thank you's. This fun little image is a digi from the Fresh Brewed Collection by Heather. If you hurry-you can get in on a couple of awesome digi's she has on her blog as a Merry Christmas to all!!!!! Just click on her name to get there, and don't forget to leave a comment for her too!!


Heather said...

Hey sweetie! I hope your hubby has a safe and fast trip to the store and back home. I was worried one of their toys would need something despite my reading and checking everything thousands of times :). So far we are in the clear.

Han got a few Moxie girls, art stuff and a Fur Real Chimp. She is having a blast. (oh and I cant forget their Zhu Zhu pets, lol!) TR is in hog heaven! He got about 5 dress up suits (all Halloween clearance, lol, but what he wanted most) and a pirate ship. So far this am my son has been a TMNT, Iron Man, Captain America, Transformer, and an Army Man. I am off to bake a choco peppermint 3 layer cake (yummy! and my kids can eat it! so double yay!))

We are heading to mamas around 2. I hope you and your family have a beautiful and blessed day. I love ya! I think your cards are darling:) I hope his coworkers liked them. Thanks for the love and the shout out :)


Rose Petal said...

Hiya Rhonda. MERRY CHRISTMAS. Glad you are having a lovely day. We have had a great day too, shattered now though.
I cant believe how many things our daughter and lovely son-in-law have bought for us both, a mountain of things. We are so lucky.
Speak soon.
Lots of love, Sandra xx