Sunday, November 9, 2008

one more quick thing before I go

I can tell winter is officially coming-besides the fact that we had snow today-my christmas cactus is blooming-isn't it beatiful? I love the colors!!


Cazzy said...

Hi Rhonda, I am trying another test email after adding you to my contacts to see if that makes a difference, the first time I got an error message saying it couldn't be delivered but not on the last couple of trys.

I would rather not publish my email address, I get too much spam now. If you moderated comments I would as it wouldn't publish and you could reject it. That is what I do with all comments, if someone doesn't want the email address published I don't do it.


Oma said...

Your Christmas cactus is absolutely gorgeous!

Diane said...

Beautiful cactus, mine aren't blooming yet!

jo said...

ahhh stunning photo hun, huggs jo x