Saturday, January 31, 2009

divine bovine challenge over at squigglefly!!

I have had so much fun tonight making this card for the bovine challenge over at squigglefly! I am tickled at the saying I put on it, so I hope it makes sense to everyone! I have used su paper as the cardstock and designer papers by little yellow bicycle, and one from the glitter stack (dcwv)
I have made the saying on my computer, and also used some ribbon that I just got today at Ben Franklins. The slide is from su hodgepodge hardware. Also used are Pumpkin Pie and Certainly Celery to ink around the edges, and some stickles. Hope you like it!
I know I havent put many new cards up lately, and this week will probably be no better-so THANK YOU so much for those of you who continue to stop by and take a peek!! I am hoping it will get better real soon! Would love to hear your comments! oops, guess I better add the pic of the card, huh? !!! :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I got the time finally to do a challenge!! I challenge I did was from it was black and white and one other color-I picked pink! It is a really simple card, not real impressed with it, but still glad to get the time to play!!
the pif's went out in the mail today-so watch your mailbox!!
also, don't forget to sign up for my blog candy! (scroll down)

Holly's challenge

ok, the other day Holly over at challenged me this:

go to your pics and find the 6th folder and show the 6th picture in the folder-telling a little something about it, and then pass it on to 6 people-

well, my sixth folder only has one picture and it is a card -that I have already shown on my blog-so hopefully it is ok for me to change it up a bit- I went to my fifth folder and will show my 6th pic-here it is. This pic is one my daughter took in chicago while there last summer on a girl scout trip! She had a great time! She has been very lucky being in girl scouts-she has got to go several places that otherwise she probably wouldn't have gotten to go! They went to NY two summers ago, and are planning on going there again this summer!
I really don't know who to pass this on to, but will think about it, and let you know! Thanks Holly!! If you have never visited Holly's blog-you should! She has new wonderful ideas and tutorials daily!!!
ps. scroll down to enter my blog candy!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

desperately need to find: hawaiin tilda

My daughter wants me to make all her graduation cards-she is going to have a hawaiin-ish theme, and so I am desperate to find a hawaiin tilda!! If anyone has one they want to sell, or know where I can purchase one please let me know!!! Thanks-if I don't get started on these right away I will never have enough time!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

cherry card

Hi! Wow, I feel like I actually got something accomplished today! Got up my pifs and blog candy. and now, I evenhave a card! WOW! I made this card using cherry's as my theme. All

cardstock and designer papers are from stampin up, cherry's are from tart and tangy set (su) and so is the saying-it is from the new book, (su) and is a hostess set called goody-goody gum drops. and of course tilda is wearing a cherry dress! Hope you like it!

blog candy


Hi! I have finally gotten around to the blog candy I have been promising to do!

Included in this blog candy is:

1. all that you see in the photo, and ....

2. 2 downloads of your choice from squigglefly-the winner will just need to let me know their 2 and they will be sent via email. Check them out here:

Anyone may enter-I will pick a winner via on sunday feb 7.


Pif's are pass it forwards-here is the idea: You get a pif, in doing so you agree to also do a pif giveaway, in which you also will give away three more pif's. And on, and on....everyone has the opportunity to get and give a little-and it's just simply a lot of fun!!

So, here are my three pif's that I am to send out from the one that I won from VEE - here is her blog, you should really check it out if you have time-she is very talented!!

Please pick which one you like: horses-kitty-or beaches-and leave that in your comment.

there is no picking a winner here-it just goes to the first one in each catagory. If you don't mention which one you'd like, I'll assume your not interested. (please read other comments first as well, to make sure the one you would like is still available) Thanks!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

my blog candy from Joanie!!

Wow!! What a lot of goodies I have received from Joanie!! I am very honored to have won her blog candy!! Can't wait to have a play with it all-Thank You Joanie!!
Go check out Joanies blog at

****And due to the fact that I have won a couple of candies- I will be posting one of my own- hope to get to it by Sunday afternoon-so make sure to come on back then, ya'll!!****

Friday, January 23, 2009

Emily is a guest designer for the Crafty Monkey kid challenge blog this week!!-blog candy

Well, I think I am ok to post this now, I know there is a time difference, but I see that it is up and running on the crafty monkey blog-so I am safe (I hope).

I have some very exciting news!!! Emily (most of you know by now, is my 5 year old daughter) she loves to make cards with mommy-imagine our surprise and excitement when she found out she was going to get to be a guest designer on the crafty monkey!!! You can check out the blog here- it is totally amazing!!! It is so neat to see some of the work of the kids! (A lot of the time I think their cards are better than mine) They obviously started out young, like Emily!! Please check them out!! I am sure they are just like us older kids, and love to hear the comments of other about their creations!! Here is Emily's card. Thank You!!
UPDATE: Make sure to go here: to enter Zoes blog candy!! It's very yummy!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

blog award-thank you!

vicki over at gave me this award!
I want to thank you my friend for thinking of me! Now, I'm supposed to name 5-6 things about myself AND tag that many people for this award! Here goes:
1. I have 4 kids-good thing, cuz I don't really care to spend time alone.
2. I love Mountain Dew
3. I am allergic to horses and cats
4. My favorite author is Jodi Picoult
5. I of course love making cards and crafts-although I am not very good at it yet-practise makes perfect - right?!!
Now on to the five peeps - I love these blogs- thanks for inspiring me!

blog candy she is having the best blog candy!!! Go check it out, and make sure you catch some of her cards as well!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

almost monday!

After cleaning most of the day-I finally got the chance to make a card-and yes, Emily made one too! We both made a card with downloads from squigglefly I think squigglefly rocks!! Thanks for looking! Your comments are much enjoyed and appreciated!

check this out! Crafty Monkeys kids challenge blog!!

Just a quick note to tell you about a wonderful blog!!
Do you have children who love to make cards with you?
I do-Emily who is 5 loves to make cards with mommy!
If you do to: check out this blog for kids who are under 16! is the place to go! They have challenges too!! So, on friday after 3:30 make sure to visit my blog-as Emily is a Guest Designer for CRAFTY MONKEY next week!!She is so excited-she has her card all made already!! (but we cant' show you till then!-so make sure to come back!!)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thank you to Joani and my new Zutter

Look what I made! I got my birthday present a little early this year-my hubby got me a zutter bind it all-and this is my first attempt at making something with it! I am going to use this to keep all my new blogger friends addy's and info in!


I won blog candy!! Make sure you check out this blog!! She some some super cards!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Award I received-Thank you!!

I have received this lovely award from Rhina over at if you've never checked out her blog it is a must do!! She is very talented and I am very honored she thought of me! Thanks Rhina!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

fairy card

Hi today I finally got the chance to make a card!! Whoohoo!! I have made a card from a 3 d image that I got from she has so many 3d images to choose from! Thank you Nikky!!
I have used kiwi kiss from su-and a button from the su buttons collection. Papers, ribbon, and flowers I used were ones that I rec. in pif from vee I stamped the kiwi kiss with a stamp I purchsed 2nd hand. Thanks for looking!

hits counter won't work-anyone know why?

I've finally had to delete it! It jsut won't work no matter what I seem to do-thought I'd give it up for a couple days then try again-anyone else having this problem?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

update on pifs

I am just waiting to hear from "cat" as to where she would like her pif sent.

Also, Wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Holly and to for helping me out with this!! These images are so great!!

I also wanted to say a big THANKS to vee as I have rec. my pif yesterday from her!! It is gorgeous -love the images and paper and ribbons......all of it!
So I will be doing one more pif sometime soon-keep watching for it!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

cards for tina's grandpa

Hi! Wow three posts in one day!! What great fun I have had today!! Wish I had about 3 more days off of work!! These cards Em and I have made for tina's grandpa-if you would like to participate too- go here to find out more!! Emily is also going to enter hers into the crafty monkey (found here- ) challenge, as it is for kids! This week is "something new" and I just bought these two stamps yesterday from a stamper who was selling some used stamps. So, hopefully it count as they really weren't NEW but they are NEW to us!

Whoohoo! My craft table/room redo is done!!

Well, for Christmas my hubby decided he would make me a table for my craft room (really my daughters room who is away at college) Well, here are some pics of how it turned out-I feel like there is so much more room!! (before I was working off of card tables put together) And there is still a bed and a t.v. in here for my daughter when she comes home as well! : ) My hubby had previously made me this wood box for holding my paper. And Emily even has room for little barbie computer! The metal container in the first pic. is Em's paper.

thought I better add a pick of my daughters bed too, so ya all don't think I am really making her sleep on the floor or anything!! : )

ready for Pif's?=squigglefly downloads!!!

Ok- as promised yesterday.....
I am going to do something a little different for my pif this time round. This pif is one that I am doing in return from the pif I received from Heather @ It's been a while and she probably thought I forgot-but I haven't!! So on to what I am offering...
I am going to offer 3 people the opportunity to try out squigglefly!! So here is what you need to do:
Go to squigglefly and check out their images- the first three people to comment on this post can each pick (one) of their choice of image. So, go here and pick out your fav. image and then come back and post a comment including the image you want!
when I have the three comments- I will purchase these images and they will be sent to you directly by squigglefly!

***NEW ADD ON: *** I forgot to tell you that in case you are not familiar to pif's - when accepting one that means you are agreeing to then give out 3 pif's as well-so that it keeps going!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

wanna check out blog candy?

If your answer is yes - then go here:
She is offering some awesome valentines blog candy!! Hurry it ends on the 15th.

Also there is more yummy candy here: check it out!!

While your there don't forget to check out their wonderful card creations as well!!

watch here tomorrow for a DIVINE pif!!!!

Tomorrow I will be doing 3 pif's so stay close you won't want to miss this!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

DIVINE Bovine!!!

This is a card I have made using one of the newest downloads available from !!! How divine is that!!

I just love how easy these images are to download, and it's so fast!! Once you have purchased your image - it's your to keep and use as often as you like!! This is extremely awesome when you have a little one who wants to be making cards with you!! (like my 5 year old daughter!! ) You can print as many as needed!! Thank you girls!!

This is Emily's card-like I said she is 5. She also used the Divine Bovine! And she picked out the paper and flowers herself-she has quite a little eye for color cordination, eh?!! I think it's so neat that she loves to color and make cards with me!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I can't believe!!

Hello! Ive finally had time to make a card! It seems like I haven't done anything but work, work, work lately! It is so nice to get home early and make a card! I have CASED this card from one Diane did, she whipped up her card for me to use as a card project for an upcoming workshop. I signed on under Diane for SU and we haven't ever even met-but she is an absolute doll to help me so!!!

Even though it has been crazy busy- I have still been getting mail and lookie what I have gotten! Vanja sent me this wonderful collection of images and beautiful card-isn't that puppy adorable!! and this awesome award!! Thank yOu kindly!! I so appreciate it!

Also Dilly has sent a gorgeous atc and some super images and little snowflakes too!!

I have also gotten several other Christmas cards that are gorgeous, and I thank you for them as well!! (you know who you are!) I have made so many new friends - I feel so very blessed to have (met) you all!! Thank you, and have a great night!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another Squigglefly card!!

Here is another card I have finished from a squigglefly download-you can check it out for yourself at: . Is this image so cute or what?!! I am not sure that the saying fits or makes sense-but it was the only thing that came to mind as it is almost 2 in the morning. Background papers are from dcwv-pocket full of posies. Thank you for visiting!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Isn't this kitty adorable!! I have downloaded this image from squigglefly at: there are many, many images to choose from, and it is SO EASY! I love being able to get an image immediately and no storage needed cuz you just keep it on your computer and you can use it over and over!! Go check it out-you'll be glad you did! : )

I also wanted to thank you Heather-she is so sweet, she made this award-Thank You Heather!

Go check out her work here:

Friday, January 2, 2009

Wow!!! Look at this!!

I am such a lucky gal today! Look what I got in the mail today! First I got atc's from and she sent lots of images for me as well!! Aren't these atc's adorable!!! THANK YOU ANNE!!

Secondly, I received the blog candy I won today!!! This gorgeous hand decorated box came from !!! Look at all those goodies-I felt like it was Christmas all over again! THANK YOU Chris!!

Third, I have made a card several days ago, but whenever I tried to get the pic- the camera wasn't charged, or something else came up before I got to it: so finally, here it is: I made this thinking of Valentines already! The background paper was from the text prints mat stack,

I have added some little embelishments from my stash. Image of course is tilda, isn't she soo cute! I got her from