Sunday, January 25, 2009


Pif's are pass it forwards-here is the idea: You get a pif, in doing so you agree to also do a pif giveaway, in which you also will give away three more pif's. And on, and on....everyone has the opportunity to get and give a little-and it's just simply a lot of fun!!

So, here are my three pif's that I am to send out from the one that I won from VEE - here is her blog, you should really check it out if you have time-she is very talented!!

Please pick which one you like: horses-kitty-or beaches-and leave that in your comment.

there is no picking a winner here-it just goes to the first one in each catagory. If you don't mention which one you'd like, I'll assume your not interested. (please read other comments first as well, to make sure the one you would like is still available) Thanks!!


Katie L Oakley said...

Oh lovely PIF's hun.

Can I please have the Kitty one?

Will be putting up some PIF's on my blog shortly...


Vee said...

oh wow I think I'm number 2 can I have the Beaches please. Great PIF thanks Rhonda..!!

XX Vee

Anonymous said...

ooo!!! im num 3, could i have the kitty or horse ones hehe xx carly xx

Katie L Oakley said...

Hiya hun, I cant find your email anywhere...? (It is quite early so it maybe just my eyes lol) xx

Jenny V. said...

oh wow I wanted to play. Can I have the Beach please. Great PIF. My mommy always told me it's not always to take but to share.If it's too late than that's ok, I'll try to play this game in my blog too.