Thursday, January 29, 2009

Holly's challenge

ok, the other day Holly over at challenged me this:

go to your pics and find the 6th folder and show the 6th picture in the folder-telling a little something about it, and then pass it on to 6 people-

well, my sixth folder only has one picture and it is a card -that I have already shown on my blog-so hopefully it is ok for me to change it up a bit- I went to my fifth folder and will show my 6th pic-here it is. This pic is one my daughter took in chicago while there last summer on a girl scout trip! She had a great time! She has been very lucky being in girl scouts-she has got to go several places that otherwise she probably wouldn't have gotten to go! They went to NY two summers ago, and are planning on going there again this summer!
I really don't know who to pass this on to, but will think about it, and let you know! Thanks Holly!! If you have never visited Holly's blog-you should! She has new wonderful ideas and tutorials daily!!!
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Holly Young said...

This is a really cool photo Rhonda! I'm glad you played the challenge! thanks for your sweet comments about my blog too.

DillyDilly said...

What a great photo

Diane said...

Great photo..I bet she had fun in "the windy city"! Funny, my word verification was unchil!