Tuesday, August 24, 2010

spam inbox? where do I find that??

Hi all! When I got on blogger today something new pops up and says that certain comments will be put into my spam folder-and that they should be checked periodically. Anyone have any idea where this "spam inbox" is located?
On another note-while I was messing around trying to find it-I did find where to change the word verification--and have turned it off--will someone let me know if it worked-Please? Thank You!


Holly Young said...

Rhonda, at your dashboard click on comments at the top and then you will see a spam tab that you can click on.

Grant-Grey Guda said...

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abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Thanks for posting this! And Thanks Holly! I had a few in spam and would have never checked!

Diane said...

Going to see if it works for you by posting this comment.....I have mine turned off, too, but I have been getting about 6 spams a day the last couple of weeks...might have to turn it back on again for awhile...I detest spammmers!!

Kel said...

I didn't get message. Holly, good to know.

nessy said...

oh ~good to know ~ so scared to click on anything incase i delete my blog!!LOL!
vanessa xx