Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just a couple updates....

Hi all!  Sorry I have had no new cards to show you in the last couple days....time is just getting away from me again!! I thought I would let you all know that even after emailing Cricut  about the problem with the Twinkle Toes cartridge--I have had NO REPLY....guess everyone is right-their customer service could sure use a make-over!!! Maybe they should start there, rather than putting a "new" cricut machine out every couple months!!
On another note--we go again tomorrow to take Emily to Grand Rapids to the DR.--Emily has been going to Physical Therapy now for about three weeks, (and Kevin and I and Emily are soo impressed with what a difference there is in her arm) I can't wait to see how the Dr. feels about these improvements!!!
Well, hope to be back soon with an actual card to show you! Have a great day!


Marlene said...

I think Provocraft needs to read a few blogs to see what their customers are saying about they can wise up. Grrrr.

So glad to hear your daughter is doing well.

nessy said...

just saying hi!!
vanessa xx