Thursday, December 29, 2011

Im a Squigglefly Dt Team Leader

I am excited to announce that I have been asked to be a Team leader this term for Squiggelfly!
Congrats also to the other Dt Team leader: Holley Barnhart.
I am excited to introduce my fantastic new team! If you would like to chek out their work, you can see their blogs here:

Terri Fleming
Kathy Bradley
Sharon Jones
Debbie Ebat
Linda Weber

We will have our first challenge on January 9th, and you can participate by going to the Squigglefly Challenge Blog HERE.


THERESA said...

Congrats on being DT Team Lead, sure they will have a blast with you!!
lotsa luv

Amazing Love said...

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Kelly said...

Congratulation! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas...the best to you in 2012! I'll be back after the 1st of the year to see what you've been up to!

Besthobbyeva said...

Wow!! Awesome, good for you, so exciting!! Congrats!!!

Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Happy New Year my friend!!


Elizabeth Allan said...

Congratulations Rhonda!

Holly Young said...

So thrilled to have you as a leader Rhonda. You have always been the BEST!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Rhonda! I adore the little image above you created for Valentine's Day! I am so honored to be on your team...I made a card today for the Challenge, but won't post it on my blog until time, of course. You will be able to see it at the photo gallery at you-know-where...teehee! Love your work! Happy New Year!

Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

You go girl!!! WOOHOO!! Congratulations!!!