Friday, December 5, 2008

Squigglefly downloads!!!

I have made another card using one of the squigglefly downloads!! ( I think he would be an adorable baby card too, but I wanted him to be a christmas card-I think he's cute wearing a santa hat-what do you think?) Anyways, this is so cool-and so easy!! No stamps to store-and once you have paid for an image-you can print it unlimited times!! Don't be fooled where it says that you get 2 of 8x10's and 2 of the other size-that is simply letting you know you get the image facing left and facing right in both of those sizes right from the start----but the really cool thing is with a couple easy steps you can resize any one of those images to fit your needs!!! Here is how I did it- your email containing your downloads

2click on the download line and it will download -this brings up each download you have purchased.

3. right click on -download this image-this brings up another folder which has your 4 images. click on one of your choice and this will open the images for you in what ever picture finder you have on your computer-then print!! It is that easy!!

Now-if you want to resize your image this is how I did mine- after you get to #3 and the folder has opened giving you your 4 images, just left click on one of them and hit "copy" then go into MY PICTURES and left click to paste.

Then I went to my start button and went into microsoft works word processor-

1.clicked on insert (at the top)- on picture

3. from file

4. pictures-and scroll down and click on your image.

This is really cool, because now there are little handles and you can re-size our image to your project-and because you can print as many times as you'd like-you can mess around with it until it prints in the perfect size!!!

*******I'll let you in on something here-if you go here and sign up for the news letter you will get the awesome opportunity to get a freebie download!!!! How cool is that? and shhhh.... but I think there will soon be some new images too!! shhh...********

sorry for the long post, but I didn't want anyone to miss out on such a neat new concept cuz they were kinda afraid to try it!! And I almost forgot to tell you--you can even pay with paypal!! How simple is that!!!!


Holly Young said...

Aw Rhonda, he looks cute dressed up for Christmas! I'm glad to see that you didn't mistake the cheeks for eyes like I did! LOL!
Thanks for letting everyone know how easy it is to work with the squigglefly images too. You are a real doll!

Anonymous said...

Well how darn cute is this?!!! WOW!! Thanks for all that info!! Wish I had time to do all of that!! ;) lol!!

bumblebee creations said...

I know the post seemed long-but really when you are actually following the steps it doesn't take long at all-it it sooo easy!! And so easy to store the image compared to a stamp too!! I am Loving it!!