Saturday, February 14, 2009

I have more storage!!!

My hubby has been busy again-he sure is a keeper!!
Lookie at my new storage! He has added peg board on the walls under my shelf and made little shelves to hold my stamps-I am soooo excited-now I can actually see what stamps i have-instead of sorting through piles or the bucket that I had my stamps in!
What do you think? if anyone has any ideas on how to organize it better-feel free to let me in on it!!! : ) tfl!!


Jenny V. said...

Wow that's so amazing. Can't believe how much stamps you got. Your so lucky. I just love your new work space. If I had that much room I could stay there for hours just doing crafts. Enjoy your new work space. Happy Valentine's Day!


Nicci said...

Just love the way you store your stamps!

Holly Young said...

What a wonderful Valentine's gift Rhonda! I'd say he's a keeper for sure!

Cazzy said...

Hi Rhonda, that looks so organised and tidy. I am using Tuff (Poly) boxes, which I number and take photos, the idea is to make them into a book so I can see what i have, and add UMs stamped sheets to the book.
The problem is my PC broke and they are on there so I can't see them there, and I haven't yet printed them off. New PC is on the way so I should get back to normal soon.

I am hoping my old hard drive will be still working but I do have a back up and the rest should be on my camera still.

Diane said...

A great idea for your have alot of SU did THAT happen?...LOL! MIne are hard to use, they are stacked one on top of the other with the names facing out, but its still a "pain"! The retired ones are really hard to find, as I have many of them, and I am an abnormal SU demo, I keep ALL of mine!!!

Heather "Hev" said...

Looks fabulous!!

Wish I had the "mojo" to finish everything I have to do