Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm off soon!

I know this may seem silly- but I think you will all get it! I am so excitd-I am going to go to a couple scrapbook stores today, and the one is haveing their customers bring in their items no longer wanted for a garage sale!!!!! I am hoping to find lots of goodies! I have put some items in for the garage sale as well, and then whatever you make-you get to spend at the store! Have a great day! BYYYYYYYEEEEEEE>>>>>>>


Lilacanglia said...

Have fun, hope you get lots,
dont forget to let us know how your day went,

Holly Young said...

I totally getyour excitement Rhonda! I wish we had a place that did that here. Can't wait to see what you find!

Jenny said...

My (not-so-local) scrapbook store is having a garage sale like that today. Are you in Missouri?? :)

Linda said...

Oh that sounds like fun...wish I was going!! :)
Hope you find some great things to play with.