Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Easter!

This is another image from Fresh Brewed Designs-I thought it would be perfect to make an Easter Card with...isn't it just like a kiddo to get paint all over herself!! I really am into the
Easter-y pastel colors right now--I guess because they are so SPRING-and I definitely have SPRING FEVER!
Did I tell you all yet the big news in our household? My daughter Chelsie is engaged, and plans to get married in September. I thought it was so sweet when her boyfriend came and asked us-I didn't think guys did that anymore!!! So back on my diet I need to get-thus the NEED for spring to get here-somehow I think it will help get me back in the groove of dieting!! Have a great Monday everyone!


Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

SO cute! What a fun way to use her!
I love the soft spring colors too. I think (aside from the allergies) this is my favorite time of year.

Congratulations on your daughters engagement! That is so exciting! My husband asked for my hand as well ... but that was 12 years ago :/

Many hugs and have a beautiful Monday yourself!

Holly Young said...

Adorable card Rhonda! Congratulations on the engagement! Chesney is getting married in October, so we're right behind you!