Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finally-a video! Episode 1-Walk in my garden and Plantin school book carts

I WILL get better-but here is my first go-I have used my Gypsy: Walk in my garden and Plantin schoolbook cricut carts-I forgot I was filming it upside down! Now that I have figured out a way to get the videos on my blog - I can spend more time figuring out how to film and show you more details! I finally deleted the program that I paid $100. for and downloaded a free one! If only someone had told me that first!! O well-maybe sometime I will go back and try the other again...we will see! Please feel free to tell me if there is something that would make the video better - besides the obvious -to show more about the actual cricut cutting and putting the card together-so I can plan my next one out better! Thanks for taking the time to watch! Have a great day!


Always with a Sentiment said...

Hey Rhonda, you little SUPERSTAR. You are just brilliant and what a beautiful clear voice. Well done my friend.
I love the card, it is so cute and very pretty. Great job.
Love Sandra xx

Holly Young said...

Rhonda I'm so impressed! You did a great job for your first video! Your card is really sweet too. I really like the button you added to the flower - it adds a lot. So glad you got the filming thing figured out!

Doreen said...

Wow that was impressive well done,love the card .xxx

Diane said...

Great job!!!!! Very sweet card!!!! Glad you got it all figured out...too bad about the $100...just think of all the stamps you could of bought...LOL...but all kidding aside, I bet you will figure out how to use that, too!!!