Thursday, April 8, 2010

strange email?

Anyone who may have received what looked like an email from me with a strange name on it -besides mine----do not open this email as it is NOT from me! My email address book has been hacked into. My internet service provider said it probably happened when I joined a yahoo group or something. Anyways, I have been told that the link goes to some kind of canadian drugstore or something--I have no idea what the idea of that is?
I just wanted you all to know that it really didn't come from me-and that I wouldn't send something like that to any of you!
Sorry for any inconvenience that it has caused any of you!


Diane said...

Not your fault Rhonda.....these very bad people just want to ruin it for everyone if they is scarey I know...I was on a well known blog awhile back and she had links for home tours like we have for card creations and someone even linked a virus into just happens....nothing we can do except hope it doesn't happen again!

Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

I know when I had a blog hop and added my address to the post I got a gazillion emails wanting money and things like that. People trying to escape countries or illnesses or so on. Some were BAD!!! People do icky things. Just glad you caught it in time to do something about it!!!