Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is this happening to anyone else???

I haven't been able to visit some of blog recently because when I try to, a big red screen comes up saying it is dangerous for my computer to continue..... A few of these are ones that I really want to visit--any suggestions, or ideas how to proceed without harming my computer?


Holly Young said...

Hi Rhonda. It's been happening to me everywhere lately. I did ask my daughter's bf about it and he knows practically everything about computers and he assured me it isn't harmful. I've been visiting anyway and haven't had any problems. Also, I notice it doesn't happen if I'm in internet explorer.

Lilacanglia said...

I have had it happen to a lot of blogs recently as well,
It is something to do with a logo company or background company the the server doesn't like,
I am on google chrome, not tried on explorer tho, or firefox

Unknown said...

Do you have a good virus protection program? If so, I wouldn't worry about it. Anything harmful won't be able to get through.:)

Cazzy said...

I hope mine isn't one of them. I haven't had the red screen but I do get a message saying there is a dangerous script running on the blog, do I want to run the script or not and when I say no I can continue.

I use Firefox.

Cazzy x

Stef H said...

no problems here. i hope i didn't jinx myself - lol.


Diane said...

I haven't had that, but I have a really good protection, but I did run into a maclinky site like our Mr Linky that a very bad person had a link that was a Trojan virus, my virus protection caught it...I emailed the blog and the site took care of it...scarey...and its only going to get worse...why people have to do this stuff is beyond me!

Always with a Sentiment said...

Hiya Rhonda. I havnt had the red screen, my problem just lately is my computer keeps cutting out for no reason at all, its been driving me mad.
Love Sandra xx

Oma said...

I've had it happen to me on a few blogs as well. I am using google chrome. I've gone to a few of the sites anyway and so far, my computer has been fine.