Friday, January 15, 2010

Wanna have some fun???

Ok, I was having a yucky day at work today, and then when I came home for lunch - I checked my emails. Well, there was a surprise waiting there from Heather at Fresh Brewed! She is having a blog hop which I am part of on the 2oth, so she had sent along a few extra images.... I am going to give you all a sneak peek of her next release, and play a game at the same time! I just feel like giving away something ahead of my blog candy, as I of course didn't get time to go shopping tonight! So here are two sneek peeks-the first one to guess what both images are get a $10. gift cert for Fresh Brewed Designs. Ready, Set, GO....

(Hint...if you go to to Fresh Brewed, you just may find one of them there, already released!)

Have fun guessing! I will close this on Sunday, unless someone wins before then, so tell everyone you know!


Heather said...

Too fun! you are the sweetest and the best!!! Thank you Rhonda! I am adding a link back to my blog :)



Holly said...

Well the bottom one looks like a little girl sitting - hmm maybe blowing heart bubbles? The top one looks to be perfect for you Rhonda with the mail and all! Can't wait to see the whole card! Sorry you had a bad day at work - hope it's better for you tomorrow!

Vicki said...

Well the top one looks like it could be a turtle carrying valentines on his shell and the second one looks like it may be a little girl sitting...hmmm maybe she is holding a heart? LOL

Thanks for the sneak peaks!

Sprytebyrd said...

The top one is one of my faves - (I think!) it looks like turtle express... and the second one looks like a sweet Hannah Belle image :) I'm looking forward to the new release coming soon! And I can't wait to see your cards, the sneaky peeks look awesome!