Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Will you help this little fella??

I copied this off Joanie's blog--I think it is such a great thing!!!! I will definitely be sending a card for this little fella, how about you?

Evan is the grandson that is autistic and he has just been mainstreamed into the regular class so is trying very hard to blend in and make friends. Any cards would help him a great deal. The more from different states or areas or countries the better. If possible you could send postcards from the area you live. Just mention on the cards that you are a friend of his Grandma Froggy. If he gets the most cards on the map he will win a prize. Thanks for your help, spread the word to anyone you know in other states or countries. Let's help this little guy win this and fit into his new school.

Send a postcard or Valentine to: Evan Rupp c/o Mrs. Parvizi First Grade, Frederick Douglas Elem School, 100 Cedarmeade Ave, Winchester, VA 22601


Joey said...

Hiya Rhonda

My son is autistic so I can beginto understand how little Evan feels, I shall make him a card and get it posted asap!

coldwaters2 said...

Aw I would love to send him a card I have made a note of the address will get one sent asap.

Lorraine x