Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun Squigglefly MYSTERY contest!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I got out of work yesterday and went to TC to see my daughter-and we went to Michaels and lunch-unfortunately Michaels still didn't get in the I-rock tool-that they were out of the week before that  : (  How sad!!! I got a rain check this time--but may just go ahead and order it online--I am anxious to try it out, specially since I bought two packs of the jewels that are sitting here waiting to be opened!
On to the challenge--what a fun one it is! Part 1 is to follow the sketch. Part 2 is to make your card to get xtra points-but you have no idea of what the xtra points are--they could be for an embellishment you use-or the color-etc.... there are 20 xtra points you can earn--but they are a MYSTERY! Well, here is my card-hope I win lots of extra points!!! (You must use at least one SF image to qualify) Go here to check it out!

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Diane said...

Cute made me laugh...sounds like a fun challenge!!